How to ensure you’re providing value to your readers.

We’ve all fallen for great headlines. On the surface, they seemed to meet our every need with a depth of answers we so desperately desired. We anticipated they would lead us to the promised land of answers – only to be disappointed with shallow, generic information or half-baked ideas that leave us wanting more.

What a letdown. Behind the scenes, what’s happening could be that marketers are writing content just to have something, i.e. producing “filler” content, or their approach isn’t sophisticated enough to consider what would be truly valuable to readers.

That’s why it’s important that marketers put readers’ needs at the core of their content. Readers are searching for a solution, and by putting readers’ needs first, you can make it easy for them to get the answers they’re looking for. When you give your content purpose – and relate that content to specific products, services or concepts offered by your credit union – you’re driving them directly to your solutions to help them thrive.

Here’s how to write so it relates to your readers, and puts them at the core of the planning and execution of your content.

  • Identify a specific problem. For example, write to a reader’s need to finance a home or vehicle. Think about the needs you’ve had at different ages and stages of your life, hold interviews, or focus groups to bring these to light.


  • Highlight a specific solution your credit union can provide. Make the product tangible for your readers. Even with an example like an auto loan, that could mean providing financial examples to show potential savings.


  • Include a call to action. Feature specific steps your readers can take that lead them back to your credit union as the problem solver. Make it easy for them to move through the experience from reader to fulfilled member.

Too often financial education content is just filler – leaving readers unfulfilled and then moving on to the next link in their Google search results. Don’t fall into the trap of simply putting content out there to make it seem like your credit union is relevant and engaged.

Understand your readers’ needs to provide valuable content. By identifying your readers’ problems, relating to them and providing a solution your credit union can help with, you’re one step closer to turning readers into valuable members.


BE MORE to Your Members

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