STRATIX was founded in September 2007 in Tampa, Florida, right as credit unions were beginning to suffer extraordinary losses. Our purpose was to demonstrate to credit unions how marketing could be utilized to build more financially stable and secure institutions.

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Brandon Diehl

President / Marketing Advisor

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Introduced to credit unions as a college marketing intern at MacDill FCU (now Grow Financial), Brandon furthered his career as the Director of Marketing at Tampa Postal FCU. After founding STRATIX Marketing, he went on to become Tampa Postal’s youngest Board Member, where he served in various roles for 8 years.

Drawn to the financial side of credit unions, Brandon created a process that helps institutions strengthen their financial standing through marketing. From mitigating interest rate risk and managing portfolios to offsetting operating expenses and preventing liquidity issues, he believes marketing has the potential to play a much larger role than is commonly accepted throughout the industry.

Working with credit unions both domestically and internationally for nearly 20 years, Brandon understands the needs for member education. In 2007, he authored “The Big Picture,” a financial guide for young adults that is used by credit unions throughout the country. He’s also written hundreds of financial articles and money tips for credit unions to share with their members.

Brandon remains committed to helping credit unions compete & win vs larger institutions. Over the past decade, he’s built a team of like-minded marketers – most coming directly from credit unions. His team at STRATIX works to strengthen credit unions through strategic marketing, creative campaigns, and turn-key marketing programs.


STRATIX is unique in that the majority of our staff is comprised of former credit union marketers. Our backgrounds provide the insight and understanding necessary to offer solutions that truly benefit your credit union and your members.


The vast majority of credit union marketers are SINGLE (aka one-person marketing departments). Being SINGLE, you fortunately get to experience the whole spectrum of marketing vs a single component. However, you also know how overwhelming your role can become – especially with limited resources.

At STRATIX, we embrace the SINGLE LIFE. We live to make your life easier; simplifying marketing processes, crafting turn-key marketing programs and providing all the tools you need to excel.

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Start Embracing the SINGLE LIFE:

  • Simplify your life through marketing automation
  • Access marketing tools without constant training
  • Maintain consistency across all marketing channels
  • Reallocate resources to focus on your strengths
  • Receive personalized coaching & guidance