Tips to leave events with more than an empty box of koozies.

The tablecloth is crisp and smooth. Colorful pens, mugs and koozies are arranged in perfect lines with stacks of brochures artfully spread across the table. Popping kernels break through the low chatter as the irresistible smell of fresh popcorn lures even the most health-conscious out from behind their desk.

We’re at a Select Employee Group event and we’re about to create some awareness


Why Are We Here?

Marketing events, whether they be membership drives at SEGs, community sponsorships, or sporting events, are all opportunities to meet potential members. However, too often marketers leave with little more than a handful of $5 accounts and an empty box of koozies.

When it comes to credit union events, your goals should be much more than “creating awareness.” Sure, spreading the word about your credit union is important, but it’s time to walk away knowing the event was a success.


Set Your Goals

Before you embark on your next credit union event, take some time to define what ‘success’ at that event means. Then determine how you’ll achieve those goals.

The two most predominant goals you should strive to achieve are:

  • Obtaining the contact information of as many potential members as possible.
  • Capturing new loans or accounts on the spot.


Goal #1 :: Create a Simple Raffle

To gather contact information, you have to provide people with a reason to give it to you beyond creating a relationship. A raffle is the ideal way to do this and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on giveaways to do it. Instead, find something that’s popular and interesting that people want. It doesn’t have to be expensive – a $50 Amazon Echo Dot works magic.

Here’s the kicker – make sure they can take it home with them that day. Bring the item to the event. Collect information from the attendees for the free raffle. Then, give one or two of the items away at the end of the event. Simple.

Now that you have those names and email addresses (with the proper permissions to send them information) you now have a treasure of valuable resources for capturing leads. Turn these contact bits into a database. This can launch a series of automated emails to those people – automated means hands-off and no additional time spent by you.

These emails, as utilized in our LEADS Program, provide each of those attendees with financial solutions over the course of a few weeks that entice them to join the credit union.


Goal #2 :: Open Accounts on the Spot

The more lucrative – and measurable – option is to get people at the event to open an account. Right there. On the spot. And while it may sound impossible, it happens.

Most people don’t head to these events to join a financial institution. To cut through all the distractions, you need to make an offer that truly stands out – an offer that’s ONLY available THAT DAY.

What’s good enough to stop people in their tracks? First, focus on products with low switching costs, such as loans. Second, have an incentive high enough to offset any switching costs. Lastly, word your offer so it’s a no-brainer.

For example: We’ll give you $150 cash if we can lower your auto loan payment.

When you’re at events, especially community events, it’s a distracting environment. Potential members are there with their families and the last thing they want to do is apply for a loan. Create a simple information sheet to get the process started, then your loan officers will follow up with them later that week to finalize the application.

Your goal is to get real leads; not hand out a bunch of specialty items and hope members think of you months later when it comes time to get an auto loan. You want real, actionable leads your loan officers can convert to new members.


Maximize Your Opportunities

Go beyond the traditional stacks of brochures, free pens and friendly smiles … well, keep the smiles! Use your time at these events to capture contact information, new accounts and loans.

Walk away knowing you found people you can help – by lowering their auto loan payments and putting more money back in their pockets to enjoy with their families. Much better than walking away with that half-empty box of pens.

Make sure you utilize all the information you gather at these events. Use automated email series, such as in our LEADS Program, to communicate with these potential members over the next few weeks. It’s simple, effective and easy to set up! Interested? Let’s Chat.