How to make content work for your credit union.

Working with credit unions, we often hear the same phrase: We tried blogging before, but it just didn’t work with our members. Perhaps it’s not that your members weren’t interested, but that blogging wasn’t a focal point of your marketing efforts.

We live in the information age; where anything you want to know is only a few clicks away. And topics on money, whether it’s making more, saving more, eliminated debt, taking out loans and so on, are among the most popular categories in cyberspace. (A quick Google search of ‘saving money’ produced 4.4 million results in 0.66 seconds). So it likely isn’t that members weren’t interested in the information you provided. Instead, it’s more probable that your strategy to get your content to members was off target.

Unfortunately, creating a blog isn’t like the Field of Dreams. You can’t just build it and they will come. And, just like traditional advertising, repetition is the key to getting your members to act.

So, how can you begin to create awareness and build an audience for your content? Try these five tactics to get more miles out of your blog posts and other financial education content.

1. Create Website Banner Ads

Grab the attention of your website’s visitors by creating ads that thoughtfully connect to articles and content on your blog. That means going beyond ads created specifically to promote products and services, and thinking deeper on what topics and articles would make good teasers via a website banner.

With a to-the-point headline, and links back to the pre-published content, a banner ad is another way to drive visitors to the strategic topics you want in front of members. Change these ads frequently to push a variety of topics relevant to your current marketing and educational goals.


2. Link to Relevant Website Sections

It’s likely you have multiple mentions of topics on your website, and that those topics have a lot of related content. Think about how many times auto loans appear, for example, and how many other auto related topics exist.

Take a look at your most robust content categories and link articles to sections where complementary products and services are promoted. On a page dedicated to auto loans, you can provide links to articles related to buying and financing vehicles. And, on pages with dedicated home loan content, provide links to articles related to home buying, refinancing, and other applicable topics. Enhance your website by making it educational as well as informational.


3. Consider Promoted Posts on Social Media

Promoting blog articles via social media is a great start to engaging and educating members that have liked your organization’s page. But, did you know that using promoted posts as part of your social media strategy can help you push financial education to potential members within the communities surrounding your branches?

In some cases, using promoted posts to share financial education content can be more beneficial than a mailing or placing ads in those same locations.


4. Connect to Content via Email Campaigns

You’ve already written a blog post on a topic. Now, you’re working on an email campaign targeting a group of members. Don’t let these two seemingly separate tasks stay in marketing silos.

When you send a member email campaign, take the opportunity to connect your readers to helpful, related articles already posted on your blog. For example, if you send an email campaign highlighting your current auto loan promotion, be sure to provide links to articles such as why refinancing your auto loan could be a good idea, tips on buying a new car, dealership tricks to avoid, and other topics that help keep auto loans top of mind.


5. Enhance Quarterly Promotions

Freshen up your routine promotions with updated messaging throughout the quarter. Getting in the practice of continuously providing related content around your quarterly topics can give your campaign more staying power and help regain member attention.

Using the example of auto loans, consider promoting complementary products including GAP, extended warranties, insurance, etc. When member interest is spiked about a specific topic, it’s a great opportunity to remind them of your ongoing promotion.

With all the competing messages we see, hear and read daily, it’s no surprise that it takes time and repetition for any to stick. Keep building trust with members by maximizing your financial education content so it’s in front of them when they’re ready to buy or talk.


Educate Members & Boost Loyalty

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Packed with financial articles & money tips, you’ll help better the lives of your members and boost loyalty in no time. No blog? No problem. We’ll have you up and running a couple weeks. Interested? Let’s Chat.