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Marketing your credit union is about more than just flashy campaigns. Its purpose is to continuously strengthen your institution so that it can deliver greater value to your membership as a whole.

Based on your credit union’s financials and unique membership, we craft and implement marketing strategies designed to grow your institution over the long-term.


Building a fiscally strong and stable credit union requires an understanding of WHAT to promote and WHY. In addition to membership and loan growth, marketing can be utilized to:

  • Mitigate interest rate risk
  • Rebalance portfolios
  • Limit provision costs
  • Address liquidity issues
  • Offset operating expenses
  • And so much more

At STRATIX, we dive into your credit union’s financials to deliver a marketing strategy that goes beyond the scope of traditional marketing.




Bring Your Ideas to Life Through Traditional & New Age Marketing Channels.

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Expand Your Marketing Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost of a Full-Time Employee.

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Educate Members. Enhance Your Marketing. Become the Go-To Source for Financial Advice to Your Members. Our CONTENT Program gives you unlimited access to our archive of Financial Articles, Money Tips, Videos and more to share throughout the year.

“My credit union doesn’t often outsource marketing and branding duties because we are very particular and protective of our brand. I was impressed by STRATIX from the beginning when they “got” our brand and look. The transition to having them produce creative collateral content has been seamless and the team is a pleasure to work with.”

Jen M., Content Strategist, Dane County Credit Union

“STRATIX Marketing is our go-to partner for ALL of our marketing and printing needs. They’re very responsive and go the extra mile every time. We appreciate their quick turnaround on printing requests and their development of insightful credit union marketing campaigns are unsurpassed. We give them our highest partner recommendation and do so without hesitation or equivocation.”

Bill G., President, Auto Advisors

“STRATIX Marketing is a great company to work with! They are prompt, courteous, and dependable. With our different projects, I know I can completely trust their team to represent floridacentral’s brand professionally and accurately. I highly recommend STRATIX to any company looking for a variety of robust marketing solutions.”

Natalie Y., Marketing, Training & eServices Manager, floridacentral Credit Union

“I started working with STRATIX over 10 years ago on many different types of campaigns. From newsletters, direct mail, and awareness creative, STRATIX has been our go-to. You can count on them to deliver premium eye-catching content. There have been many instances where an emergency project/mailing was needed, and they have rose to the occasion meeting what seems like impossible deadlines to help make them happen. If you’re looking for a detail-oriented agency who wants to help you and your credit union success (and is FUN to work with!), you won’t be disappointed in STRATIX.”

Amy E., Vice President of Delivery Channels, Robins Financial Credit Union
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Combining the right STRAT•egy with the optimal marketing m•IX for long-term growth.