Promoting your own content isn’t as self-serving as you may think.

By creating compelling educational content on financial topics that your members care about, and leading them to it consistently, you’re helping improve their lives.

At times, we all do things because we have to or because we’re motivated by the optics of others – wanting to look like we care. And, when it comes to providing financial education content, even credit union marketers are occasionally guilty of going through the motions, too.

During the grind of constant content creation, it can be easy to forget why you’re creating content in the first place. For credit union marketers, your why is providing financial education to current and future members to improve their lives.

With the right mix of financial education that aligns with your credit union’s specific services and solutions, you’re helping members:

  • Make better financial decisions
  • Reach their financial goals
  • Improve their standard of living
  • Better their lives and those of their family members

Financial education is just as important as the products and services your credit union provides. Here’s how you can help it make a positive impact on your member’s lives.


Start with the End in Mind

Your services may help members improve their financial situation, but if they don’t know how to engage with or utilize your services, they may as well not even exist. The same goes for specific services that your members may not understand the benefits of (such as a HELOC). Even worse? Not knowing that some of your credit union’s services are available to them.

Plan and write content that aligns to your credit union’s services and solutions, and always provide a clear call to action so they can learn more or take the next step.


Creating Deeper Community Ties

While credit unions spend a great deal of time and money helping their communities – usually by sponsoring and participating in charities and events – it’s rare to see proactive engagement specific to helping improve the financial lives of community members.

However, by teaching your members how to properly use your products and services, you’re enabling them to make better financial decisions and improve their standard of living. In turn, they are better positioned to help their community. That snowball effect will undoubtedly have a longer-lasting impact than writing a check. You know the saying: “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”


Sharing Your Content is Key

Creating content that’s aligned with member needs and credit union services isn’t enough. You have to let people know it’s out there. Repeatedly.

Content creation isn’t “one and done.” By consistently creating and promoting specific content to members, in addition to your credit union’s blog (or similar communication tool), it will begin building engagement. If you make financial education important, it will become important to your members. Promote your educational content on social media. Promote it all over your website. Include it in statement messages and on coin envelopes, on brochures and in newsletters, and as part of lobby signage. Everywhere.

So, remember your why for creating content around financial education. Let the potential of improving members’ lives inspire you to consistently provide helpful information – you may just find it’s meaningful for all involved.


Jumpstart Your Education Efforts

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