Enhance your promotional messaging with robust messaging.

Here’s what you need to know to expand member reach by using connected content that goes beyond promotional messages.

Marketing messages tend to get lost. They’ve been lost on you. They’ve been lost on your members.

Think about this: You have a great promotion going and send a mailer to members. A potentially interested member would have jumped on your promotion in a heartbeat – if they saw it. But they never got the message. They missed it amid all the advertising that bombards them daily. Your thoughtful campaign? Likely over for that member.


Crafting Connected Content

To create robust campaigns, marketing messages must go beyond focusing on a promotion, offer or incentive for a specific product or service. For maximum benefit to members, the messages should detail why the specific product or service can help them and the promotional message should be surrounded by related content.

By connecting a promotional message to a longer form piece of content, your members can see themselves engaging with your credit union’s solutions. For example, members may see a promotion highlighting that they get $100 if they switch their auto loan to your credit union. However, without more in-depth content, they won’t see that by refinancing they could save $75 each month on their current car payment, which could help them cover expenses or longer-term goals such as starting a savings plan.

Supporting articles and financial tips can tie your campaign together for members – and create new angles to spike interest in your products and services.


Promotional Messaging Alone Connected, Relevant Content
May not stand out Reaches more members
Could be completely missed Generates interest
May not resonate Provides more product/service awareness


An Example of Connected Content

Complementary articles and tips around an auto loan promotion could have topics including:

  • What is GAP?
  • The Truth About 0% Auto Loan Promotions
  • Why Refinance Your Auto Loan?
  • Why You Need a Pre-Approval
  • How to Avoid Common Dealership Tricks
  • Tips on Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Although, on their own, none of these topics apply to a specific auto loan promotion, each is related, has the ability to generate member interest, and can help bring members to the credit union while the special promotion is running.


Bringing it All Together

By using articles or tips throughout a campaign, you can give your promotion a larger reach and generate more interest than by simply promoting a specific incentive.

Connected content gets members thinking about their need, your promotion is noticed because the broader topics are top of mind, and the incentive closes the deal.


Enhance Your Promotions. Expand Your Reach.

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