STRATIX was founded in September 2007 in Tampa, Florida, right as credit unions were beginning to suffer extraordinary losses. Our purpose was to demonstrate to credit unions how marketing could be utilized to build more financially stable and secure institutions.

With over 50 years combined experience in credit union marketing, each Marketing Advisor has first-hand experience as former credit union marketers. Our team boasts experienced credit union board members, financial analysts and, of course, award winning graphic designers and e-marketers.

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The vast majority of credit union marketers are SINGLE (aka one-person marketing departments). Being SINGLE, you fortunately get to experience the whole spectrum of marketing vs a single component. However, you also know how overwhelming your role can become; especially with limited resources.

At STRATIX, we embrace the SINGLE LIFE. We live to make your life easier; simplifying marketing processes, crafting turn-key marketing programs and providing all the tools you need in a simple to use format.

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Start Embracing the SINGLE Life:

  • Simplify your life through marketing automation
  • Access the marketing tools you need without constant training

  • Maintain consistency across all marketing channels with ease

  • Reallocate your resources to focus on your strengths

  • Receive personalized coaching & guidance with your own Marketing Advisor


At STRATIX, we’re committed to helping you reach your full potential as a marketer. We’re confident we can help you boost your value to your credit union and your personal career.